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Project: Brazilian Celebrations

How do Brazilian people celebrate these occasions?

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Rodrigo disse...

Carnaval *(l)*
Canival happens in February and it last 4 days people dance,drink bber,kiss, thry fell very happy and relaxed and sometimes crazy.
they wear informal clothes or custons
It´s very good and it´s woethvisring.

Gustavo Henrique disse...

I will talk about Carnival. It happens in February or March And it lasts about four days, we do many parties, dance a lot, drink beer a lot, we fell spo happpy and so crazy. We wear informal clothes or custons

Bruna disse...

It's a celebration for the Christ birth, it's on the 25th December, but we get together on the 24th.
It lasts 2 days. People exchange presents and people usually see their families. Some people feel happiness, because is a changing time to review our mistakes and become a better person. We wear special clothes and eat turkey.

gustavo fernandes disse...

i'll talk about carnival, it happens in februery or March, carnival lats 4 days, people dance kiss, drink beer a lot, people give parties, fell happy and crazy and wear customs

fernanda siva prado disse...

fathers day.this is on the second sunday of August it lasts 24 hours.However this is all the year.The people do a party,say what they imegine and wear simple clothes.

Laura disse...

My favourite celebration is New Year´s Eve.It´s celebreted in the last day of December.The new year´s Eve lasts one night.In this date,people go to parties,go to the beach,feel very happy and wear white clothes.

gabriela disse...

New Year`s Eve, it`s on 31st December. It lasts one night.
The people give parties for his family or your friends. In the parties there is music, food, drinks, juice and a lot of fireworks at midnight.
People have fun and everybody is happy. In Bahia people offer wish for Iemanja. In the beaches people belive that midnight you must jump 3 waves and their wishs will happen.
The girls wear red panties and the boys wear underwears so the follawing year they`ll have luck and love. If you wear pink panties or pink underwears in the follawing year have luck and make many friends. If you wear yellow panties or yellow underwears the follawing year you`ll win a lot of money.
People wear white clothes to have peace next year and for people to open their hesrts for the good feelings!!!

Mariana V. disse...

My favourite celebration is the Easter,because we win a lot of chocolate and it's delicious.Many children believe that in the Easter one rabbit leave in their homes a lot of chocolate.In my opinion,in the Easter everything and everybody be more happy!

bye, =]

Mateus disse...

My favorite celebration is the Carnival...
Carnival happends in Febuary, and have many peoples at the celebration

All peoples drink a lot, kiss, and travel to meet the most good party at the carnival.

The Government gave must "Little Shirt", because at this period, must peoples contract the AIDS, and had a baby.

but in the context the carnival is must good.

I like much the carnival

Andressa disse...

My favourite celebration is the Carnival.Carnival happens in February and it last four days.All of them drink beer,dance a lot,they kiss a lot...In Carnival people wear "abadás".It's very good I love it.

bye. =D

Flávia disse...

My favorite celebration is Chistmas,it is on 25th December.The Chistmas last only one day,this celebration is so important and involved that families get together,buy presents and all the peolpe feel happy!


Izadora Gabrieli Mendes disse...

My favourite celebration is the carnival.
The carnival happeens in February or March in 5 days.In ther evebody is happy and dancing samba.The people wear costuns.

Rodrigo l. Andrade disse...

My favorite celebration is New Year's Eve. It happens in the last day of the year, and it last 1 night. People celebrate it with their family or in a nice place like a beach. People feel happy and usually wear nice white clothes.

Mariana disse...

Christmas ...
I like that date because of German commemorate the day that Jesus Christ was born, my family gathers and make a party to celebrate this important date, and it won me many gifts, without counting the both of food that I find tem.Tambem people who do not see ha long.
It happens on December 25, and lasts 01 days ...
People talk, eat, celebrate ...
All wear white clothes, or mamae - noela or dad-noel.
People feel at Christmas love, prosperity

epriaz disse...

The Carnival it's the better holiday because we lose a week on the school. I never go to some place where you comemorate tha carnival with "axé",..., all the Carnival's of my life I stay at home, go to the club and I stay at home relaxing.
In last year I traveled to Contagem - MG to a religious event and I like it.
I would like go to some place comemorate the Carnival with my friends because I never do this, i plan in next year I stay at Uberlandia and go to Praia Clube with my friends and comemorate this holiday.
But the Carnival of the big cities like Sao Paulo and Rio, I don't want to stay there because it's usually have many problems with drugs and sex, because the people are drugud and lose her consciouness, and do very bad things.
The Carnival it's in the last week of February i think.
The clothes are very informals, and the men usually stay in the parties without shits.
The drugs and the alcohol it's very common on the Carnival, and some teenagers use this and they stay druguds.
;D :***

Teacher i don't know is the text it's written correctly.



epriaz disse...

Teacher it´s me.. Elias!

Matheus de Freitas disse...

carnival is a comemoration very famous in Brazil.
It happens in february or march.
It last about four days.
In the carnival the people have fun,wear costumes and dance samba.

Bia disse...

my favorite brazilian celebration is the Christmas. Is celebrated in December 25th and during a day. In the Christmas people celebrate the birth of God, and people gets presents for all the family.
Is very funny and marvellous!

Savio disse...

Hello teacher
I will talk about Carnival.
Everybody knows it happens in February and lasts in 4 days.
Each one have your manner to celebrate this party.
People drink beer, dance and kiss a lot.
People wear informal clothes or costums.
The most famous is in: Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Olinda.
Brazil receives many foreigners tourists for this party.
I love Carnival!

Bye teacher =@

Júlia S.R. disse...

I will talk about Halloween.
Halloween happens in 31,October, and it last only one day.At this date people wear costumers of ghosts,witches,vampires,etc.They go at the houses and ask candys.The kids feels very happy.


Vinicius Abram disse...

I will talk about children´s day.
It happens on 12th October and lasts 24 hours. Most of people don´t have a party. However, they give presents. Some people feels happiness, because the day is a happy day!! They don´t wear a special clothes.

valter_183 disse...


The Halloween Day is on the October 31st and it's the witches' day.
It lasts one day and children usually use scary costums for ask " Trick or Treat ".
In the United States of America the Halloween is the second more selling hoiday.
People have fum, but they also feel afraid of the monsters.

Paola Fernandes Machado disse...

My favorite celebration is christmas.Christmas happens in December and it lasts one night.It a special day for me and believe for others also.The day marks the birth of Jesus,where he met the entire family to a beautiful supper.
We find balls,ardoned trees,colorful shopping malls,on that date.
Christmas is a day of much joy in the world

Paola Machado disse...

My favorite celebration is christmas.Christmas happens in december and it lasts one night.It is a special day for me and I believe for others also.The day marks the birth of JESUS,where he met the entire family to a beautiful supper.
We find balls,adorned trees,colorful shopping malls,on that date
Christmas is a day of much joy in the world

Laís De Souza Freitas disse...

• My favourite celebration is Carnival.
Carnival happens in February and lasts about four days.
People wear costumes, drink beer, dance samba and axé a lot.

Amanda Bred. T5 - Daniela disse...

My favourite celebration is the New Year's Eve. In the last night of the year, we wear white clothes and do the countdown on the last ten seconds! After that,we eat turkey and drink champagne with our family. In this night, people go to celebrate in differents places: beaches, parties or at home. It's a nice celebrate because we feel in peace and very happy ! :)

Paulo Victor Póvoa disse...

My favourite celebration in the year is Christmas, it is celebrated in December 25th.It lasts just one night, and in this celebration most of people give some presents, all the family meet and stay happy.In Christmas people feel very happy, in harmony, and everything stay better.But in this celebration, people wear normal clothes.

Camila Santos Melo disse...

Festa Junina
Festa Junina is the most popular party in Brazil.It is celebrated in June with happy people and a lot of food.
All families in Brazil love Festa Junina because the food is fantastic and the party is fun.This party are typical clothes,spectacular ones the clothes are important because they are symbols of party.

adel rassi disse...

Christimas,happens at 25 st of december, and it's celebrates Jesus born.In christimas people make dinner with differents kinds of foods,also in christimas children wait Santa Claus to reiceve their presents,people use red and green clothes at christimas and everybody do a christimas tree. christimas it´s a great celebration.

Ana Vera Cardoso disse...

Chistmas is one celebration from Brazil.It's on 25 December and lasts one day and usually people prepare a very chic dinner and buy many presents for many people.Sometimes they feel love,remember many people,caress,affection ana usually stay their family and wear special clothes and very chic ones too because this celebration is so important for most families

Raynne disse...

My favourite celebration is Carnival.
It happens in February and lasts in 4 days.
People drink beer, dance and kiss a lot.
The most famous is in: Rio de Janeiro where people dance a lot and wear brilliant clothes
Brazil receives many foreigners tourists for this party.

Douglas Henrique disse...

Christmas is an annual holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus. Christmas festivities often combine the commemoration of Jesus' birth with various customs, many of which have been influenced by earlier winter festivals. Traditions include the display of Nativity scenes, Holly and Christmas trees, the exchange of gifts and cards, and the arrival of Father Christmas (Santa Claus) on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. Popular Christmas themes include the promotion of goodwill, compassion and peace.
In most places around the world, Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25. It is preceded by Christmas Eve on December 24, and in some countries is followed by Boxing Day on December 26. The Armenian Apostolic Church observes Christmas on January 6, while certain old rite or old style Eastern Orthodox Churches celebrate Christmas on January 7, the date on the Gregorian calendar which corresponds to 25 December on the Julian Calendar. The date as a birthdate for Jesus is merely traditional, and is not widely considered to be his actual date of birth.

Mariana M. disse...


Canival is a celebration that happens in February. It's lasts four days. That celebration is wonderful and exceting. People dance samba. They wear costumes. I want to participe in Carnival.

Larissa disse...

I'll talk about Christmas. It's on 25th on December. I taste of the Christmas because I find all my family and friends, besides gaining many gifts.
I'll talk about Carnival too. It's in the first week of February. I taste of the Carnival also because it is the time where can dance and fun with my friends.