quarta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2007

Reading movie reviews

Read the movie reviews and tell me which movie you would watch and why. Leave your opinion in the comment area below.
The holiday

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Anônimo disse...

Hello! I´m testing

Fabiana disse...




epriaz disse...

About this films, I prefer "the holiday", because it's a film with Jack Black(School of rock) and Cameron Diaz(The panters). And like movies of romance comedy.

But all the movies, I love the School of rock with Jack Black.
The School of rock(Escola de rock) it's a musical comedy movie. A teacher of primary, teach music in school for kids and make a band.
And other movie it's Step up(Ela dança eu danço), this is a excellent movie with strangers actors.It's a drama musical, i loved.

Soo, it's that.



Andressa disse...

The film it was very good and beautiful.I loved it. x)

Mariana V. disse...


I liked the film reviews,but i prefer comedies,so i'd like to watch "Zoolander"."The Holiday" is a romantic comedy and i don't like too much this kind of movie and about the "Rocky",this film is romantic and like i said i don't like romantic movies .Zoolander looks funny and interesting.


Lucas Miranda disse...

Hi teacher I don´t see all this film, but I think the best is ``ZOOLANDER`` because is hilarious, I think the ``ROCKI`` is the wrong because isn´t a cammedy.

Mariana disse...

this film it is very good and interesting!

by mariana

Vinicius disse...

"Rocky" is the best film of the history. I saw and recommed .The others films i don't saw, but the "zoolander" is good i think because is a comedy, but "the holiday" i don't like so much because i prefer comedies films than romantic films.

Mariana a disse...

The film is good!
I liked !